We are a member of
the Czech Chamber of Real Estate

Services of the Czech Real Estates Company

Our real estate Czech Estates Company Ltd. It offers services to facilitate the purchase of real estate that, with regard to the large database of apartments and houses facilitate the progress of the transaction, the proper selection of real estate and consulting on real estate market after the conclusion of contracts and legal advice.

Cooperation in the selection of real estate

  • real estate offer from our portfolio and other market segments
  • comparison of real estate offers and evaluating them in terms of real estate market
  • providing viewings with our real estate agent for client needs on weekends
  • ensuring verification of the technical condition of the property

Securing mortgage/ financing of apartment estate

  • independent comparison of the qoutations of all mortgage banks
  • securing financing the purchase through a mortgage loan or mortgage savings at any bank in the market
  • providing documentation needed for loan approval
  • providing expert opinion for the mortgage bank and signed the pledge and loan agreements, including their verification
  • demonstrate the necessary documents to the financing banks to fulfill the conditions of the loan drawdown
  • insertion of mortgage contracts and a proposal to deposit at the land registry office

Mediation deposit of money to secure the purchase of an apartment, real estate

  • ensuring the depositing of the purchase price, which is free for clients
  • deposit law amounts for tax on real estate transfer tax and send directly to the relevant tax authority after the submission of tax returns

Ensuring purchase / lease from beginning to end

  • regular information on the trade progress
  • Assistance with physical delivery of the property including the drafting of the handover protocol
  • Cooperation with the transfer of power to a new owner

Complex legal services

  • ensuring quality legal services in cooperation with a law company, a smooth and safe running of the entire trade
  • Real estate, tax and legal advice
  • To ensure all contractual documentation and evidence needed to purchase the property (excerpt from real estate, title deed, contract for future contract, purchase contract, agreement to transfer the rights and obligations of membership in a housing cooperative)
  • ensuring the conclusion of contract and a proposal to deposit including the verification of signatures and submit these documents to the appropriate Land Registry Office
  • ensuring the development of geometric plans
  • ensuring the development of building energy performance certificates (PENB)
  • providing expert opinion for the Financial Department
  • Development Award of the real estate transfer tax

Securing lease and property management

  • property care after its purchase
  • securing a tenant for your property according to your wishes
  • copy of the lease or sublease contract on leasing
  • ensure the subsequent management of your property in full