We are a member of
the Czech Chamber of Real Estate


In the field of finance and insurance services we offer its own independent clients´center. Our specialists and consultants with long experience will help with processing credit and insurance related to the acquisition of new property and it's completely free.

Mortgage loans and construction loans

Mortgages and construction loans are an easy solution to improving your living. Our specialists will guide you through the entire loan, saving you time and money. We are able to recommend a cheaper and better solution than to provide you with a bank or insurance company.

Mortgage refinancing

With proper refinancing can save tens to hundreds of thousands of crowns. Our specialists will guard behind you transfer a mortgage term and you will have everything without any concern.

Consumer/buyer´s loans

If you are interested in non-purpose loan without collateral, such as the reconstruction and household equipment, our experts will help by rapid processing of the loan without guarantee and any use. The maturity/due date/term of these loans is usually 1-10 years.


We offer our clients to choose the best solution from a wide range of financial products. Our experts will select the product that will best meet your expectations.